Saturday, November 17, 2012

Benjamin Moore Aura Waterborne Interior Paint

I am currently reviewing Benjamin Moore paints for BZZ Campaign ( Specifically, the paint is Aura Waterborne Interior Paint. I received a small sample bucket and coupons (one for a free bucket plus others for $ off) in the mail, along with a gorgeous brochures, a safety data sheet, and color samples. Benjamin Moore hit the nail on the head when it mentioned (in its brochure) that, "Similar to the crowds of men aimlessly wandering the mall in December, shopping for paint can leave you feeling a bit ... clueless." Perfect analogy!! We have to redo both of our bathrooms, and have decided to focus on the upstairs one first. We are excited at the prospect of trying this paint. The colors are beautiful, simply beautiful. We plan to visit our local store this weekend or at least on Thanksgiving break to get this done. Although the paint is just under $70 a gallon, small rooms do not need a lot, and I really want paint that is the best quality possible, and that will last a very long time and look gorgeous. We are excited about this project!