Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old Navy Women's Hooded Anorak

This Old Navy anorak is one of the most flattering casual, lightweight jackets I have seen in awhile.  I have had my eye on this for a couple of weeks, and plan to buy it. 

I like it because the back completely hides your butt.  And the drawstring detail in the back is cute and different.  (I couldn't copy the picture of the backside very well from the website, because it's FLASH.  But check it out on the Old Navy website.)  I think this jacket could be a little longer in the front, though.  Maybe it is, but the website picture makes the front look a little short.  The cinched waist is also flattering. It's not easy to find a coat that accentuates the waist and hides the thigh and butt area.  Empire-waist or princess-seaming coats usually do the trick.  Most jackets I see are too boxy, confining, short-waisted, or otherwise unflattering.

This item has a four out of five star rating from Old Navy shoppers.  This coat comes in four colors - khaki, olive, black, orange, and kelly green.  I'm not wild about the colors, but black is always functionable, as is khaki and olive.  Some colors I would like to see this coat in are - dark forest green, navy, dark brown, and cream.

The original price of this jacket is a reasonable $49.94.