Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Navy Rant

Tonight while killing time before going to the movies, I browsed through my local Old navy store. Has anyone noticed that Old Navy has slightly higher prices lately? Their women's wool winter coats are up to $100 or so! Their men's fur-lined sweatshirts (poor quality fur) are $49.50! On the clearance rack I only found ugly rejects. Some of the clearance sweaters were still priced over $30. I tried on some shoes and they pinched my feet. I felt like I was walking on cardboard. They couldn't be more cheaply made.

I tried to find a sweatshirt for my son, but the boys' clothing is too stylized to appeal to him (or most boys in general, I would imagine). What's with the checkered print sweatshirts for boys? The sweatshirts with Eastern Division logos? The shirts and sweatshirts with skulls, cartoon figures, argyle designs, and other silly things on them? I have never bought my son anything at Old Navy unless it was a plain color with no logos. Old Navy might sell much more clothing if it did not plaster the Old Navy logo on everything! A big Old Navy logo on a sweatshirt ruins the garment for most people. My son would never wear anything with a big logo, nor would I buy logoed clothing.

At the checkout (I bought a simple waffle knit shirt for my husband) I was, as always, asked if I wanted to save money by opening up an Old Navy credit card. It is tiresome to always say no. I hate being questioned. I have no need or desire for a store credit card of any kind. However, Old Navy treats non-cardholders less well. The store has very few online coupon codes for non-cardholders. I think coupons and offers should be given to everyone, not just card-holders! It is a bit of a turnoff to not get the same deals, just because I don't want or need store credit cards.

To rant further about Old Navy, a month or so ago I purchased a long gray sweatshirt. It pilled terribly after two washings. The cashmere sweaters I bought last year and the year before were good for about two wearings, and then they looked like crap.

Old Navy is ok for solid color staples, and the occasional quirky item, but beware of quality. For not much more money, you could get a better made alternative at a department store sale.