Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gap Knit Dresses Grow Old Quickly

Tonight I got rid of five dresses from my closet that were bought in the past year. They had pills and were saggy. Three were from the Gap, one from Old Navy, and one from NY and Company. All were cotton knit. The three from the Gap I bought last summer on the clearance rack. I thought I had gotten a great bargain. I bought several dresses for under $100, all marked down dirt cheap. The regular prices were $29.99 to $59.99! Unfortunately, after a turn or two in the washer in dryer, most of them fell apart or started looking cruddy and old. I use Woolite and the gently cycle, but it doesn't help. The flat drawstring on one of the Gap dresses curled up after one wearing, creating an eyesore. Who has time to get out an iron to fix a drawstring?!

Although I love the comfort and ease of knit dresses, I think twice lately about buying them. Fabric that feels soft and has a slight fuzz should be avoided! The fabric gets fuzzier and more faded with every wash. This picture is from the current Gap website, and is an example of a dress I foresee looking baggy and old very quickly.