Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bluefly's Clothes are Unflattering and Too Expensive

Wow, what crazy positive publicity Bluefly has had. All I hear are rave reviews about this site. I hadn't been on the site for a couple years before tonight due to my discouragement with their high prices. Sure, I love high fashion and designer labels but I also can't stomach spending $200 for a shirt. Not if I can get an entire wardrobe for that amount on sale racks at mall stores. Here are the first three random items I pulled up tonight on the site.

The first is a Michael Kors raincoat. It doesn't even look flattering on the mannequin. It looks like a black trash bag. $156 for this beauty.

Guess how much this 100% polyester Rachel Roy dress is? $719.99 (reduced from the Bluefly price of $799.99, with a retail value of, gulp, $1,340!) Looks like a crumpled, brown bag! Not sure what the pinning is on the skirt, either. I priced out leather sofas tonight and some were around $700 on sale. What would you rather have, a leather sofa or a weird, beige polyester dress?

In the sweater section, I found this Pringle grey cardigan, thinking, who in the world would pay $319.99 for such a nondescript cotton sweater? I am sure it is well made and comfy. But I just don't get it.